A LA CARTE is a type of menu which is most widely used in large establishments. It is a multiple choice menu,where the each dish available in list of dishes have their separate price and not a fixed price complete meal. If guests want to place an order, an A-LA-CARTE is offered, the guests can choose their items which they want to eat and they are only avail to pay for that.
In a la carte menu, all items are cooked at same time which ordered by guests. Cooking time will vary on the dish which chosen by the guest. It is very necessary to inform the guests about the time, that preparation will take. An a la carte menu is always impressive but involves a huge amount of misa-en-place.

History :-

A LA CARTE menu is first time served in  year 1821's. It becomes popular in year 1830's. Traditionally, the original menu which offered consumers choice were prepared on small chalkboard.

  • Note:-Food is kept in semi-prepared form and take time to serve
  • FOOD items are individually served and guests pay for that which they ordered.
  • The Menu is elaborate. There is a vast choice.
  • Tablewares is laid according to dishes ordered

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