MISE-EN-PLACE(preparing for service).

MISE-EN-PLACE(preparing for service).


MISE-EN-PLACE is a French term means to "putting in place" is mean to the preparation of work place for smooth service. It is mainly used in f&b service department in every day hotel operations.
Before service, the waiter should make sure that the station is in total readiness to receive guests. In large organisations, station may be headed by captain.
MISE-EN-PLACE involves:

  • Side Station or dummy waiter must be have sufficient no. of cover for resetting the restaurant after the first setting is over. Extra linen, glassware, crockery, cutlery and ashtray should be kept handy so that they will easily available at the time of use.
  • Cruet sets have to be cleaned and filled on daily basis.
  • Condiments, butter and accompaniment should be kept ready for use when needed for service. 
  • Bottles of sauce should be filled and the neck of bottle should be wiped clean. 

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