Plate carrying and clearing methods.

Plate carrying and clearing methods.

Plate carrying and clearing methods 

Rules and techniques of handling plate to prevent accidents and breakage.

  • A Stake of plate

A Stake of plate should always be carried by both hands. For this, place the service cloth around the plate’s. The plate’s may not be touched by our hands or our body. 

  • One plate

 One plate will be held among thumb and index finger and different fingers. Yet, take care that you just touch the edge of the plate with your thumb.

  • Two plates (1st methods) 

The 1st plate will be held as above. The 2nd plate will be pushed under the primary plate to the fore finger. Different fingers will bolster the 2nd plate. 
Plate carrying

  • Two plates (2nd methods )

The 1st plate will be held again as above on picture . After that slightly turn your hand inwards. Now take the second plate so that it will be supported by the ball of the hand, the forearm and the little finger.
Plate carrying

Clearing of plates

The basic position is as like the “Two plate’s (2nd method)”. Pick-up the 1st plate and touch the handle of the fork (to prevent other cutlery from slipping around) and then put the knife at 90° angle under the fork. Pick up the 2nd plate and do the same procedure as above and on and on...... 


When clearing plate’s from in front of guest the following points should be remember. 

• Wait until the head waiter gives the signal to clear.
• Always Start clearing at the correct guest so that you move forward all the time.
• Always Clear from the right hand side of each guest and remember to step back, keeping plate’s well clear of customers.
• Remove solied plate quickly and quietly, taking care to put knives under fork bridges at right angles to forks.
• Do not try to carry more plates than you can safely manage.
• Practice clearing soup plates on under liners at home if possible, to get used to the sequence of stacking the soup plate’s and liners.
• Transfer plate from right to left hand and cutlery.
• Place second plate on Left Hand Bridge.

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