TABLE D'HÔTE is one of the type of  menu. Table d'hôte is a French term which means "Host of the table". It is a set menu where the multi course meal is offered with limited choices at the charge of fixed prices. There isnot sperate pricing for each dishes. There is fixed price for whole meal.
Its usually includes three or five courses meal available at a fixed price. It's also refer to as a set(fixed) menu. Because menu is set, and the cutlery on the table is already placed for all courses.

TABLE D'HÔTE or fixed menus are still used in various form like as conference packages, buffet menus and on special occasions. A table d'hôte menu considers complete meal menu at a predetermined price. Some times it's printed on menu card, in case of banquet, its agreed upon by the host. In banquet style of table d'hôte menu has elaborate range of choice from starter to dessert.

Table d'hôte menu would be well planned and balanced. If main course is heavier, then the first course must be lighter which will act as an appetite stimulant for the course to follow. The varieties of ingredients, colours and the garnishes should be different for each course.

  • FOOD is kept in fully prepared form and serve immediately. 
  • There is limited or no choice. The menu is comparatively small.
  • Menu is collectively priced and customer has to pay for the full menu whether he consume a certain dish or not. 
  • TABLEWARE for the whole menu is already placed as menu known in advance. 

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