Tableware/types of tableware.

Tableware/types of tableware.


Tableware is flatware eating utensils which used to set a table for eating a meal includes the dishes, glassware, cutlery etc. 

Flateware:- All types of spoon and fork. Especially it used by most of people to eat informally, is made from stainless steel. 

Cutlery:- knives and other instruments use for cutting.

Holloware:- Table service items such as creamer, coffee pots, soup tureen, sugar bowls, hot food covers, platters, butter plates, hot food cover and other metal item. 

Special Tableware:

1. Pastry Fork:- small fork made for eating pastries and other dessert while holding a plate in hand. It has widened from left side to using as a knife to cut the food when pressed down on the plate.

2. Oyster Fork:- shaped like usable fork, but it tines are curved outward and slightly smaller than regular fork. 

3. Lobster pick:- A Long, narrow  utensil, in a shape of tiny, two prong fork, use to pull shred of meat from the hard to reach cavities of lobster and crabs.

4. Snail fork:- Two pointed long tines use for spear snail meat. 

5. Sanil Tong:- Small, spring operated tongs which used for holding a hot snail shells while extracting the snail. 

6. Snail Dish:- Round dish, two ears having six hold portion for six snail's. 

7. Asparagus Holder:- Made of a single strip of metal, bent in U shaped tongs, and form a small square plate at each side to grip the stalk. 

8. Pastry slicer:- Used to serve pastries. 

9. Silver tea Tong:- Also called silver sugar tong or sugar nips, use for serving sugar cubes to tea cups. 

10. Skewers:- A Long, pointed, thin rod are made of metal, often has a ring at one end. They are often used to hold meat during grilling. Typically made of stainless steel. 

11. Ice cream Scoop:- It comes in several style and sizes, Use to remove ice-cream from carton while forming ice-cream into a oval shape. 

12. Nutcracker :- Tool use to cracking hard nutshell, typically made of two hinged metal arms between which nut is squeezed. 

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