Types of Restaurants (fnbknowledge).

Types of Restaurants (fnbknowledge).


Types of Restaurants
A restaurant is a establishment that serves cooked food to guests/customers.  Service is generally for eating on premises, though the term has been used to include take-out establiehmnents and food delivery services. The restaurant term covers many types of venues and a diversity of styles of culsine and service. 
 Restaurants are  sometimes a feature of a larger complex, typically a hotel, where the dining amenities are provided for the convenience of the residents and, of course, for the hotel with a singular objective to maximise their potential revenue, Such restaurants are often also open to non-residents.  


Restaurants may be classified into three groups :
1.Quick services : It is also known as fast food restaurants. They offer limited menus that can be prepared quickly. They offer self service outfits.

2.Mid scale: Mid scale restaurants offer full meals at a medium price. They can be a full service, limited service or buffet service in which customers order the food at the counter having their food brought to them or self service.

3.Upscale : its offer high quality cuisine at the high price. They also offer full service with the high quality of ambience. 


1. Cafeterias :   
Types of Restaurants
A cafeteria is also a restaurant serving mostly cooked or ready to eat food. The food arranged behind a food serving counter. There is no table service. A employees takes a tray and push it along a track in front of the counter and self serve of food of their own choice. And trays filled with selected items of food are taken to a table to eat. Cafeteria have a wider variety of cooked foods.

2. Casual Restaurants :
Types of Restaurants
it is casual dinning restaurants that serves moderately priced food in a casual atmosphere. It is provide table service.

3. Fast food restaurant :
Types of Restaurants
Fast food restaurant is known for its speed of service and low cost over all other consideration. A very common feature of newer fast food restaurants that make difference between fast food restaurants and cafeteria is a lack of cutlery or crockery;the customer is mostly like to eat the food directly from the disposable container.
There are many types of fast food restaurants :
  • One collects food from counter and pays, then sits down and start eating. 
  • One serves oneself from containers. 
  • One is serve at counter. 
  •  One order at the counter ;after prepation the food is brought to one's table; paying may be on ordering or after eating. 
  •  A special procedure is that one first pays at the cash desk, collect a coupon and then goes to the food counter, where one gets the food in exchange for the coupon. 
  • One collect ready portions. 
4.Fast Casual Dining Restaurant :
Types of Restaurants
A fast casual dining restaurant is similar to a fast food restaurant. It does not offer full table service, but promises higher quality of food and atmosphere. Non disposable plates and cutlery are usually offered.
Many fast casual dining restaurants are marketed as health conscious ; overall, the quality of the food is presented as a much higher class than conventional factory made fast food.

5.Cafe :
Types of Restaurants
café & coffee shops are informal restaurants that offers a range of meals and sandwiches. Café offers table service. Many café are serve full hot breakfast. In some cities, café offers outdoor seating facilities.

6. Coffeehouse :
Types of Restaurants
It is a casual restaurant which do not offer table service that emphasize coffee and other beverage; generally, it's offer limited selection of cold food such as pastries and sandwiches as well. The difference between coffeehouse and other restaurants is that they allow patrons to relax and socialize on their premises for long periods of time. 

7. Pub :
Types of Restaurants
It is a Bar that serve simple food. Generally, Pub is a drinking establishment with food in a decidedly secondary position. A typical pub has a very large selection of beers and ales on the top. 

8. Bistros and Brasserie :
Types of Restaurants
A bistros are small restaurant which serve moderate price simple meals in moderate setting of alcohol. Bistros is defined for its food.
A brasseries are French restaurants and serving single dishes in a relaxed setting. Brasserie is French term which come from "Brewery". Its serve alcohol specially beer.

9.Family Style restaurant : Family style restaurant are that restaurants which have a fixed menu and fixed price, usually diner seated on table like bench seats.

10. BYO Restaurant: BYO is restaurant which similar to the bistros but don't have a liquor license.

11. Delicatessen Restaurant:
Types of Restaurants
Restaurant which offer foods for immediate consumption. The main product is normally meats and cheese. They offer sandwiches, soups and salads.

12. Ethnic Restaurants : Restaurant which offers multicultural cuisine like Asian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Indian cuisine, American cuisine etc. Is known as Ethnic restaurant.

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