Welcome Drinks( WD).

Welcome Drinks( WD).

Welcome Drinks

Welcome drink is a beverage which serve on the arrival of the guests at the place with the cold towel, its may be alcoholic cocktail, non-alcoholic mocktail, mixed juice or kind of tea etc, depend of organization to organization.
Always make sure that WD and cold towels are prepared, received, stored, served and cleared in the correct order and serving tray should be well presentable. Tray and drinks must be decorated. They should be pleasing. 

Services procedures :

^ When FIT & VIP guest, travel agent or any other pre-informed special guest arrived, GSA of front office will immediately serve one welcome drink and cold towel to each person, from a tray.

^ Alternate: When the guest arrived at the airport, Welcome drink will be served to the guest by the hotel's personnel who gone to picking him/her up.

The serving method will be correct :

^ Women are served first.
^ All beverages will be carried on a tray with the correct glass and chinaware (if applicable).
^ A tray must be used to clear all beverages.
^ Glasses can not be cleared with the fingers inside.  
 ^ Trays are to be carried with the left hand. 
Greeting Phrase:

Greet the guest  with a smile and by saying: “welcome to the hotel – Name of Hotel/Resort”.
Immediately continue to mention what you are serving: “A refreshing virgin Mojito Sir/Madam”.
For e.g "Welcome to the hotel jaypee place" "A refreshing virgin mojito ma'am".

Small Talk:

During standby, the following questions should be asked to the guests : “How was your trip Mrs john?” or “Have you ever been to (location) before Mr john?”

After Service:

^ The Front Desk accociate will immediately remove the WD after the guest has left to his/ her room or until the glass is empty, at the airport the glasses are cleared into a glass rack.
^ Clearing of ashtrays are done at all times, “the ashtray is full after one cigarette butt”. Ashtrays at the airport are provided.
^ Used glasses have to be kept at the back office of front office and returned to the Bar Associates for clearing at the nearest Bar.

Welcome drink preparation & variety:

^ A home-made rotation of a minimum of 3 different welcome drinks is used at all DHR brands.
^  Front desk Accosciate have to informed Bar Associate in order to prepare the recommended quantity of arrival, walk in, and VIP guests, at least one in advance.
^ Order of welcome drink is to be done with a form (complimentary order form).
^  Welcome drink must be fresh.
^ Hotel's Associates shall not consume any welcome drink. Its only for the guest.

Cold Towel:

^ Cold towels should be stored in a refrigerator with cover in hygiene boxes.
^ Cold towels are keep ready either by F&b associates or Housekeeping associates (it's depend on organizational setup) for the Front Desk, and for the F&B Outlets, cold towels are prepared at the Bar or Restaurant.
^ Cold towels need to be clean and spotless at all times.
^ Cold towels (at FO & FB) contain essential oil.
^ Few drops of essential oils are sufficient for cold towels.

^ For the Cold towel transfer from and to laundry, f&b linen transfer form is used.

^ Hotel's Associates are not allowed to use cold towels

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