Savoury food has a spicy or salty flavour rather than a sweet one. The savoury course of a meal may have fish or meat and vegetables. Savoury dishes can be served hot, warm, at room temperature or chilled. They can be spicy, mild flavoured or plain.

A savoury as the term indicates is a savoury items served on varying shapes of toast; in tartlettes and barquettes;in bouchees ;flan rings or as an omelette or soufflé.

On the lunch and dinner menu, the savoury is generally served as an alternative to a sweet, whilst in a banquet it may be a course on its own, coming between the entremets and the dessert. In a la carte menu, the savouries are listed in a section of their own.


Savoury course:

It is served as a part of a traditional meal where the items is highly tangy and refreshes the palates after the sweet and prior to the serious business of dinner drinks.

Cocktail savouries

These consist mainly of various canapés and are eaten:

  •  as appetizers served with drinks prior to meal.
  • During a cocktail party


These are sometimes categorized as savouries particularly hot sandwiches.
Small items
are eaten snacks in bars, coffee shops and café.

Types of savoury

There are 8 main types savoury :

1. Savouries using a sauce - these are usually "salpicon" based using Bechamel, curry sauce, devil sauce.

2. Grilled items
3. Shallow fried items
4.  Scrambled eggs
5. Shallow poached items
6. short pastry items
7. Savoury souffles
8. Puff pastry items.

Savoury Dishes

The following are the popular savoury dishes:

1. Savouries on Toast

  •   Welsh rabbit
  •   Buck Rabbit
  •   Moelle on toast
  •   Haddock on toast
  •   Anchovies on toast
  •   sardines on toast
  •   Roes on toast

2. Canapés :- a small decorative piece of bread that are topped with a savory garnish such as anchovy, cheese or some type of marrow.

  • Canapés Baron
  • Canapés Ritchle
  • Canapés Quo vadis
  • Canapés Nina
  • Canapés charlemagne

3. Croutes :-These are shaped pieces of bread approximately 1/4 inch thick shallow fried.

  • Croutes Derby
  • Croutes Diane
  • Scotch wookcock

4. Tartlettes or Barquettes :- made from unsweetened shortcrust pastry.

  • Charles V
  • Favorite
  • Haddock

5. Bouchees :- Three are small puff pastry cases. A small edition of a Vol-au-vent. They have various fillings: shrimp, lobster, prawn and haddock.

  • Indieene
  • Omelettes

6. Flan:- Made from unsweetened shortcrust pastry.

  • Quiche Lorraine

7. Soufflés :- These are made in soufflé dishes, various flavours such as mushrooms

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