Types of ice cream - parfalt, sherbet, kulfi, snow cone..... - fnbknowledge

Types of ice cream - parfalt, sherbet, kulfi, snow cone..... - fnbknowledge

Types of ice creams

Ice cream:-  it is a frozen dessert made from dairy products like milk and cream, combined with flavourings and sweeteners, such as sugar. The all ingredients are stirred slowly while cooling to prevent the forming large ice crystals, in result a smooth textured ice cream we get. These ingredients, along with air incorporated during the stirring process (technically call overrun), make up ice cream.
Ice cream comes in a wide variety of flavours, often with additives such as chocolate flakes or chips, ribbons of sauce such as caramel or chocolate, nuts, fruits and small candles/sweets. Some of the most popular ice-cream flavours are chocolate strawberry, vanilla, butterscotch and Neapolitan(combination of three flavor).

Ice cream is generally served as a chilled product. It may also be found in dishes where the coldness of the ice cream is used as a temperature contrast, for example, as a topping on warm desserts, or even in fried ice cream.



 Ice cream generally has between 11% & 15% butterfat and 60% to 90% overrun, which is the air that is pumped into the ice-cream. This creates a heavier, creamier in texture , richer in taste, denser and more caloric product than regular ice-cream, and is reflected in the price.
Superpremium ice cream has even more butterfat greater than 14%, with some heavy up to 18% and more and less overrun from as low as 20 % up to 80%.


Regular ice-cream contains from 10% to 11% butterfat and more air, 90 % to 100% overrun. It is less dense. It is usually sold in the more standard flavour, since the addition of ingredients of fancy flavours add to the cost escalation. Some people prefer the texture and lesser the degree of richness, and prefer it in milkshakes.


Ice cream contains exactly 10% butterfat minimum USDA standard, and 95% to 100% overrun. It ia made in baaic flavors


 Ice cream means that there is either 50% less fat or 33% fewer calories than the company's standard ice cream.
Carefully  Read the labels : the "light" ice creams of a superpremium brand gernally have more calories than the "regular" ice cream of other brands.


lce cream has 25% less fat than the company's regular ice cream.
Similar to the light ice cream. it can contain more calories than a regular ice cream of another brand.

Assortment of ice-cream :-

1. Ice-cream cake:-

Ice Cream Cake can take two forms, It is a three layer ice cream in the shape of a cake, often with cookie crumbs or other small representation of "cake": or layers of ice cream and cake, In the latter, It is depend on the cake makers who will decide to whether the middle layer is the ice cream or the cake.

2. Ice Milk :-

Ice Milk is a variation of low butterfat ice cream, due to advances technology in food industry over the last 20 years, has all disappeared as a term,
replaced by reduced fat ice cream.

3.Italian Ice:-

Smooth water ice, similar to a sorbet but generally a sweeter.  it is served in Italian ice shops, as well as by street vendors and in pizzaries.  cherry, coconut, lemon and "rainbow ice." is a popular flavour of Italian ice.

4. Kulfi :-

Kulfi is a dense Indian ice cream made with water buffalo's milk and flavorings like cardamom, chikoo, coconut, saffron.
It is prepared by boiling tha milk till it is shrinked into half of the volume; then sugar and a teaspoon of corn syrup are added and again boiled the mixture for 10 more minutes. Water is mixed in until it thickens into a paste and is boiled a while longer. Finally, flavorings, dried fruits or cardamom are added. The mixture is cooled, put into molds and frozen.

5. Parfait :-

Parfait, the French word for "perfect," is onginaly the French sundas, generally served with fnut purée. in America, it became a panicular type of sundae, with syrup and ice cream layered in a tall giass, topped with whipped cream.

 6. Novelties:-

Novelties are single-serving frozen treats such as ica crearn bars, popsicies and sandwiches.

7.Semifreddo :-

It is Italian word which means "half cold". Refers to a class of semi-frozen desserts semi-frozen custards, ice cream cakes and tarts.

8. Sherbet :-

Sherbet is like a sorbet which is fruit based with milk added to provide creaminess.
By law, sherbet can contain no more than 2% milkfat, and ranges from 1% to 2%. The milk makes it a slightly heavier product than sorbet.

9. Sorbet :-

SORBET is French word which called sorbetto in Italian, it is a frozen dessert generally made from fruit juice; other flavorings including herbs and liqueurs can be incorporated.
Unlike sherbet, sorbet contains no milk: some sorbet recipes also use egg whites.

10. Snow Cone :-

Generally served in a paper cone or cup and is made of compacted shaved ice flavored with a choice of bright-colored sugary syrups, usually fruit-flavored (apple, banana, cantaloupe, cherry, .colada, grape, kiwi, lemon, lime, mango, orange, peach, pineapple, raspberry, strawberry) but also spice (cinnamon) and pop flavors like bubblegum and cola. It is typically served in a cup and eaten with a spoon; those in a paper cone are eaten like an ice cream cone. Interestingly, snow cones are the descendents of the original "ice cream".

11. Spumoni :-

It is Neapolitan speciality which is  3 different layers of flavored ice cream, most popular combination are chocolates, cheery and pistachio.

12. Sundae:-

Sundae name is comes from American word consists of one or more scoops of ice-cream topped with sauce or syrup. Whipped cream is added along wirh chopped nuts and maraschino cherry is placed on top.

13. Tartufo :-

It is vanilla ice cream ball, often with nuts and cherry in the center, enrobed in chocolate.

14. Gelato :-

It is made from milk and sugar, combined with other flavouring. Stirring the ingredients to break up the ice crystals which form during freezing. It is typically made from fresh fruits, chocolate, nuts, or small confection or cookies or biscuits.

15. Ais kacang:-

It is served as a dessert in Malaysia and Singapore. The "Ais" word in English term "ice". And "kacang" is in malay mean for "bean" . It is popularly known as air batu campur in malay or ABC for short. It is primarily crushed or shaved ice served with sweet flavours syrups and jelly.

16. Ice pop:-

It is frozon flavored and colored water on stick.

17. Frozen custard :-

It is ice cream served at warmer temperature from a machine that extrudes the ice cream into soft, swirled peaks.

18. Frozen yogurt :-

It is made of no-fat yogurt, sweetener, geltain, corn syrup, flavouring and coloring churned in an ice cream machine. It is found soft serve or hard packed.

19. Glace :-

It is known as frozen custard, made from riched milk and cream based custard that also include eggs.

20. Granita:-

It is semi frozen dessert, which made with the sugar, water, and flavouring same ingredients as sorbet, in this case a liquid is such as fruit juice or coffee or wine. Unlike
SORBET, Granita churned in freezing machines.

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