Restaurant Steward- Task list

Restaurant Steward- Task list

Restaurant Steward – Task List

Restaurant Steward Task list

Following is the list of task a Food & Beverage or Restaurant Steward is suppose to perform in various work shifts.

Morning shift of Restaurant Steward

  1. Dusting of all granite tops
  2. Preparing of service equipment for breakfast
  3. Set up of tables
  4. Pick up flower arrangements
  5. Switch the light and music-on, open curtains, turn on air-condition etc
  6. Cream, milk and sugar bowl is prepared to set on the table (If applicable)
  7. Folding of napkins
  8. Refill condiments 
  9. Refill sugar bowls 
  10. Collecting and transfer of garbage
  11. Delivery of fruit baskets to the room
  12. Set tables for lunch Set promotion cards on table (if applicable)
  13. Brush-off cushion, send dirty cushions to laundry and receive new ones
  14. Clean coffee machine(s)
  15. Preparing of service equipment for lunch service 

Afternoon shift of Restaurant Steward

  1. Clean pantries
  2. Set tables for dinner 
  3. Folding of napkins
  4. Refill oil lamps, set on trays (if applicable)
  5. Clean all menus including kid’s menus

Evening shift of Restaurant Steward

  1. Switch music and light on, open curtains, switch on air-condition etc
  2. Brush off all cushions 
  3. Clean and polish all operating equipment and store neat and tidy according to stock
  4. Returning of all flower arrangements
  5. Relocate tables for deep-cleaning the floor 

Night Shift of Restaurant Steward

  1. Check room service log book, collect and clear all trays on every floor
  2. Refill salt & pepper shaker and clean opening with a toothpick daily
  3. Polish juice glasses fro breakfast service
  4. Clean tables and set for breakfast
  5. Refill condiments for room service 
  6. Set milk and creamer container on trays
  7. Collect door knob menus (if applicable) 
Restaurant Steward Task list

Overall service assignments of a Restaurant Steward:

  1. Monday: All windows in the restaurants to be cleaned
  2. Tuesday: All wine cooler and wine cooler stands to be cleaned
  3. Wednesday: Clear and clean all cabinets/service stations and reset neatly
  4. Thursday: Deep cleaning of all pantries and wine fridges
  5. Friday: Deep-cleaning of all refrigerators and bread warmer
  6. Saturday: Deep-clean of all service equipment (Cutlery etc)
  7. Sunday: Deep-clean of service station, tables and chairs
  8. Attend every pre-shift briefing and training, attend English classes
  9. Refill service stationeries before breakfast, lunch and dinner
  10. Polishing glasses and cutlery during the day
  11. All guest floors are checked every two hours, and after every room service delivery
  12. Only Room Service Associates and Captains can take Room Service orders
  13. Daily duties
  14. Hygiene: Every shift is responsible to keep pantries clean during day and shift change
  15. Hostess: Checking of in-house guests, walk-ins and non-BF included hotel guests during breakfast 

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