Beer- types & brands

Beer- types & brands


Beer types & brands

Beer is alcoholic beverage made by brewing of fermented barley or other cereals with hops(add flavor and stablize it).

Beer is refreshing drink which alcoholic % is varies between 3 to 8 %.

It is world third popular drink after water and tea. 

Bira 91, A beer brand from India, recently bagged four awards at the world beer awards held in London in August, 2017. 

Bira 91 White (wheat Ale), Bira 91 Blonde(Lager), Bira 91 Light (Low calorie Lager), Bira 91 strong (Strong Ale) have won in their respective county awards.

The ancient babylonians were the first to brew. 

In fact, they took their beer so seriously. If you brewed bad beer batch your punishment was to be drowned in it... 

=> Beer is mostly composed of water. 

Quantity of water in beer is 88.9‰.

  In the middle ages, it was very difficult to find clean water.Most of people preferred to drink beer instead of water. Because presense of alcohol made it safer than water.

 Types of Beer

Beer types & brands

Generally two types of Beer. 

One is lager beer and second is Ale beer. 

1.Lager beer :-

Bottom fermented beer.

Lagering of beer takes place at near freezing temperatures. It may last from several weeks to several months. 

Lager beer compared to ale.

  • Take a longer period to mature, 
  • Have less pronounced hops flavour, 
  • Have low alcoholic content. 
  • Lager are generally light bodied. 

Brand names:

Budweisen, CooRs, strolls, kakabeka, Holiday, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Long life, Fosters.

There are some styles/types of Lager beer:-

1). Bock:-

 Bock beer are traditionally strong heavy. Dark lager with high alcohol content & a rich malty flavour, produced in Havana. The alcohol content is 6% by volume, served slightly chilled.

2). Double Bock:-

 it was originally produced by Italian monks and traditionally served as warming beers. The strongest beer in the world is double bock called "kulminator" produced in Germany.

3). Light beer:-

The varient of pilsner style beer. Alcohol content 3.9% by volume.

Brands:Miller light, coor light, budlight. 

4). Malt liquor :-

High alcoholic content than pilsner 5.5-6% by weight has light malt flavour. Brand-Colt 45.

5).Steam beer:- 

It combines the bottom fermentation of lager beer with higher fermenting temperature of Ale. Alcohol content 5% by volume.

6). Dry beer:-

This introduced in Japan 1987. They are less sweet & refreshing with little or no taste.

2. Ale Beer

Ale is generic term of top fermented beer. Ale are fermented at higher temperature, hop s flavour, heavy body & in most cases high in alcoholic content. 

They are not served chilled. 

Styles /types of Ale:-

1). Cream Ale :-

 Golden in color, mild beer with sweet taste. 

2). Pale Ale :-

 Straw coloured brew made from lightly roasted malt. Alcohol 5%.

3). Indian pale Ale :-

 contain extra hops. 

4). Bitter Ale :-

Dark Amber brew with sweet after taste of caramel, lightly hopped. Alcohol 2.5-3.5% by volume. 

5). Brown Ale :-

often reffered to a "desert wine" owning to its extra sweet taste. Alcohol 6-12%.

6). Barley wine:-

Few old ale which are matured for 2 yr or more. Alcohol 3-6 %. 

7). Porter :-

Light coloured beer, more malty and less hop flavour, sweeter than stout is also called "Light gravity black beer". Alcohol 5-7.5%.

8). Stout :-

Commonly called "Black beer", High hop content & strong malt taste. Alcohol 4-10%.

Care of Beer:- 
Beer types & brands

1). Good ventilation

2). Cleanliness 

3). Even temperature (55-58)°F

4). Regular spilling to avoid excess pressure inside cask.

International Beer Brands :-










Mc Ewans

 Indian Beer Brands :-


God father 

Knock out

Kalyani black label

Royal challenge 


Bira 91

King Fisher 


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