Black Russian-cocktail (My bar)

Black Russian-cocktail (My bar)

 Black Russian

Black Russian

 Russian was invented in 1949 by Gustave Tops, a Belgian barman, and now it is an IBA official cocktail. The cocktail owes its name to the use of vodka, a stereotypical Russian spirit, and the blackness of the coffee liqueur.  


  • Vodka-50ml
  • Coffee liqueur-20ml
  • Ice-100gram


1. Fill Rocks glass with ice. 

2. Pour 50ml vodka and 20ml coffee liqueur over the ice. 

3. Stir gently. Vodka 50 ml V Coffee Liqueur 20 ml V Ice 100 gr v


Served on the rocks;poured over the ice

Drinkware: old fashioned glass

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