Thai foods (types & recipes)

Thai foods (types & recipes)

 About Thai food

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Thai Recipe Categories

We Talk Thai!

Thai food

Thai food is found very popular all around the world for its very good reason: the type of  cuisine is satisfying, tasty and very easy to prepare. Thai food can really be separated into four different categories according to the area of Thailand that you wish to explore. While the northern part of Thailand has many tasty dishes, these recipes greatly differ from the Thai food that is present in other parts of Thailand. Our mission is to provide you with a large range of Thai recipes, so that you can learn to cook and enjoy Thai food as much as we do.

Most of the recipes you find on this website are easy to prepare, though great Thai food can only be prepared with excellent ingredients. Ensure to get the freshest ingredients that just you can find before you start to prepare any of our Thai recipes. You’ll quickly find that fresh ingredients combined with a winning recipe are the key to Thai food success.

Type of Thai Food

One type of Thai food doesn’t exist. Thailand is a diverse place filled with many different people and recipes. Because of that, recipes which enjoyed in one region of Thailand may not be popular in another region of Thailand. Thai recipes can be categorised according to region including:

  • Central Thailand
  • Southern Thailand
  • Northern Thailand
  • North-eastern Thailand

Thai food that comes from the south of Thailand is heavily influenced by Indian cuisine, and many of these recipes include coconut milk, curry, and other popular spices. North-eastern Thai cuisine tends to include citrus flavours such as lime juice.

Thai food

While Thai cuisine and Chinese cuisine are similar, the two cultures are also drastically different. Therefore, there are many Chinese influences that can be found within Thai food, but Thai food is a cuisine all its own.

Our Thai Recipes

We’ve taken the time to go through every one of our recipes, so that you’ll always have a recipe you can rely on. A large number of our recipes incorporate rice and noodles (two Thai food staples), though some of our recipes are entirely unique. We offer many different meal types including:



Main Courses


We invite you to look around, choose a recipe you want to explore, and spend your time relishing in the tastes of Thailand. Thank you for visiting our site, and make sure to return on a regular basis to see what we’ve got cooking!

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